Lonely Hearts

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Lonely Hearts
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Lonely Boy's first Valentines Day art anthology.

Lonely Hearts is a 50 page risograph book, coptic bound and printed on Rosa and Pink 100gsm paper. Designed, printed and bound by George Gibson and Izzy Kroese.

This pre order will be delivered by February 14th, alongside some themed extras <33


Meghan Darby,,, Lujan Vivas,,, Holly Temple,,, Kate Louise,,, Ben Bainbridge,,, Megan Smith,,, Thomas Lee Griffiths,,, Monica Nencini,,, Rebecca Orr,,, Faye Hadfield,,, Tommy Stewart,,, George Gibson,,, Dolores Hayes,,, Katie Hillier,,, Praewa B. Bulthaweenan,,, Freya Wysocki,,, Izzy Kroese,,, Daisy Griffiths,,, Claye Bowler,,, Liam Fallon,,, Eva Gerretsen,,, Richard Todd,,, Lily Kroese,,, Stephen Millar,,, Tay McGraa,,, Media Naranja,,, Natasha Loydell,,, Brie Kimble,,, James Ventre,,, Joe Preston,,, Eleanor Haswell,,, Rory Spencer,,, Colin Lievens,,, Nina Durban,,, Clara,,, Fetiche Editions.

Lonely Hearts