Image of SHY BAIRNS #2: Where's Your Coat You're Going To Be Cold

SHY BAIRNS #2: Where's Your Coat You're Going To Be Cold

£6.00 – £8.00
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  • Family and Friends (Not Posted) - £6.00
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{orders will now be posted after the 22nd of May as we're a bit busy}
{if you're collecting the mag in person from one of us please choose the £6 option, it'll add the 'postage' just to bring the price back up to the general mag pricing of £8- big cartel won't let us do a no postage option!}

72 page, 3 colour risograph publication featuring over 30 Northern artists, with work based on the topic of every day life.
+ Free posters and stickers with each order.

Edition of 250

Charlotte Cullen
Ellen Moss
Rosa Pearks
Eye Suriyanon
Rosie Newton
Beth Mellett
James Mathews-Hiskett
Samuel Blackwood
Georgia Gibson
Jessica Andrews
Ian Malhotra
Joseph Cotgrave
Ting Waterhouse
Tulani Hlalo
Jack Rientoul
Jack Fisher
Belinda Ayres & Broth Tarn
Leo Rotaru
Scott Musgrove
Kuba Ryniewicz
Katie Tomlinson
Eleanor Haswell
Sheyda Porter
Paula Chatterjee
Rebecca Gavigan & Victoria McDermott
Emily Simpson
Robyn Nichol
Katie Day
Tita Marr
Liam Fallon
Alice Corner
Karl Russell Vickers
Lily Arnold
Emily Carrington
Alan Baker
Sophie Gornall
Rachael Bowe
Phil Larry
Joseph Haigh
Getu Dcnm
Kate Higgins
Garth Gratrix